Matty Healy from British Pop Rock band

The 1975 recording new music in his studio. Renelio Marin’s painting Shark and Whales hangs on the wall behind.

UEAST 75 Gallery in the Hollywood Reporter!


UEast Gallery NY

Weinstein has also been visiting one of his old haunts — he was spotted dining with two women and a man at Cipriani Downtown on Oct. 15, a restaurant owned by his longtime friend Giuseppi Cipriani. It was at Cipriani over the summer that Weinstein attempted to befriend art dealer Alysha Marko, the 33-year-old niece of Christine Pressman, wife of Barneys heir Gene Pressman. “Harvey told me he was an investor in the restaurant,” Marko says, adding that “he was surprisingly charming and upbeat.” After an hour of chit-chat, Weinstein asked Marko if she’d join him for dinner, offering to lend her dresses from Chapman’s Marchesa collection, claiming that he and his ex-wife were still “best friends.” (Weinstein’s rep says he did not offer the Marchesa dresses, and that Marko “must not have heard him properly.”) Marko declined, but says Weinstein called the next day and offered to buy one of the paintings at her gallery — she owns UEAST 75 on Madison Ave — if she’d have dinner with him. She still said no. Later, Weinstein turned up at the gallery and picked out a painting to purchase, promising to send a check. A few days later he changed his mind, saying he was waiting till after his trial to buy art. A spokesman for Weinstein says that he did indeed meet Marko at Cipriani but that he does not have an investment in the restaurant. Says Marko, “He was just being the same old Harvey.” 


36 international artists focus on the wonder of the high seas to raise money for the Blue Marine Foundation


Curated by Nico Kos Earle, the thought-provoking and intuitive works in the show offer a range of media, from bronze sculptures and oil paintings to cyanotypes, photograms and LED light-based works, reflecting an ongoing connection to, and observation of, the ocean. Many of the artists live in coastal towns and create works in response to climate change and over fishing.

Blue Marine Foundation
Known as BLUE, this UK registered charity was set up in 2010 by some of the team behind the award-winning documentary film ‘The End of the Line’. BLUE is dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing. Its mission is to campaign against over- fishing and for the effective protection of 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030.

Artists for BLUE
Monday 4 November-Thursday 12 December
68 Kinnerton Street, London, SW1X 8ER


CdeCuba Art Magazine No.27

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CdeCuba Art Magazine


Renelio Marin Designs Murals for Best New Hotel for 2019

Forbes, ‘Small & Chic: 10 Tiny Luxury Hotels Opening in 2019’ features Beirut’s Arthaus Gemmayze, with murals designed by Renelio Marin, to be highly anticipated. The Times UK also mentions the hotel to be of the best in 2019.

Watch Renelio create these murals and interview with Arthaus International in this video!

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Ueast75 Gallery + Heera Won Art/Fashion Collaboration

Utopieast Studios has it’s first exhibit in the New York City studio collaborating with bespoke fashion brand, Heera Won. This exhibit is Part 1 of a 2 part show celebrating the XIII Bienel de La Habana. The second show takes place in Havana, Cuba.